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This one is something you have never seen before. And I can guarantee this. Because I won't be teaching you any success formulas or easy "proven" ways to make money. That's from one very simple reason. The Affiliate/Online Marketing game is changing drastically - Month by Month. I don't want to show you something that is accurate at the moment, but will be useless 3 months after. I will teach you, how to go with trends, how to never get lost again, methods which will cause that you won't need any new program or course in your life. 

I will tell you one secret. Maybe you already know it. For those who don't. Here is goes. I have never bought or follow any program about Facebook Marketing! And still I'm able to make full-time income with it and teach tens/hundreds of students. How's this possible? You will know at the end of the course. This is what I'm going to teach you. Skill which is more powerful than whatever else. Are you excited? I hope you do! Now let's start....


video #1 Understanding The Platform

In this video, you'll discover the Facebook platform as a tool to making money online. Why is Facebook the best platform for High-Ticket affiliate marketing at the moment and other pros.


In This video, we'll talk about Facebook profile, most importantly if you should create new one or stay with old one. All the pros and cons of both ways.


In this video, you'll discover the exact strategy how to choose the best niche for you and your online business. Simple structure and 1900+ niche ideas PDF will boost your choosing process.

First profile optimization

In this video, you will learn how to make first profile optimization. The strategy to look like the best easy-going person on FB and not like an annoying seller! IMPORTANT!

NEW Facebook account OPTIMIZATION

In This Video, you'll discover how to fill-up your profile from the very beginning after creating new account to be able to gain new friends. This part is essential. 

Find a role model

In this video, we'll talk about importance of finding your role model in facebook marketing. You'll learn how to find one and how to use his skill and experiences in your success journey.

content creation

In this Video, you'll learn how to create unlimited content ideas, what to post, how to post, content creation rules and I will show you how I'm posting by myself. Also take your copywriting rules PDF.

The hottest traffic

In this video, you'll learn where to find the "hot traffic" goldmines on a facebook, how to use them and why are they so important.

Growth strategy

In this video, we'll go through different growth strategies. I won't give you "Success Formula", because one size does not fit all. However, you'll learn how to make best fit strategy for yourself!

VIDEO #10 
Cold Outreach

In this video, we'll take a look on the most important part of getting in touch with your future prospects. You'll learn how to start conversation with others the right way.

VIDEO #11 
Facebook Group

In this video, you'll learn how to create your facebook group very easily and how to optimize it from the very beginning. Also different growth strategies.

VIDEO #12 Choosing the best offer

In This Video, you'll learn how to choose the best offer to promote and what platform to use to find product in your niche. 

VIDEO #13 From first word to $$$

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In This Video, I will show you the conversation structure form first word to closing sale. Simple process, which need a lot of training is just about trying - so take action!

VIDEO #14 
Art to sell

In This Video, We will take about the most beautiful art in the world, and that's Art to Sell. Learn how to use this one and you won't need to work in 9-5 ever again.

VIDEO #15 
closing script

In This Video, We'll take a close look at the very last part of conversation with your prospect and that's closing sale. Before every closing, there need to be positions, so let's take a look what is it and how to do it right way.


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